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manual order of tasks

Enable The order of Tasks by user

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  • AdminHotChaiPro (Admin, Hot Chai Productions, LLC) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Fred and Orla!

    Thank you both for your feedback!

    The short answer is that I do not intend to add manual reordering of tasks as a feature.

    And here's the long answer describing why:

    Sooner Or Later is not intended to be a general-purpose list-making tool, but rather a highly optimized implementation of the Context-Focus organization system.

    In researching and experimenting with this system, I have found that arranging tasks in priority order is actually a waste of your time.

    Unless you're a robot working in complete isolation, the things you do in a day are likely very fluid. New things to do continuously come up and priorities are constantly changing.

    In this real world of continuous change, the priorities of the items in the ideal list that you spent time arranging is probably obsolete within the hour.

    So, just worry about the one or two things you have to do next and don't waste your time trying to plan out the exact order and priority of every other item in your day.

    I argue that you realistically can't do any better than that, since we humans are not multi-taskers. We need to pick one or two things to focus on at a time to do them well.

    Hope that makes sense to you! Try it out and see if you waste less time fiddling with your to-do list and get more done with less stress, as I expect you will!


  • Orla commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes! This is what I'm looking for!! To be able to change the order of the list! I like to be able to put things in the order that I'm going to do them!

  • Fred commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    You can kind-of force tasks into an order (on the sooner tab) by selectively setting the focus or off. Items with the focus rise up to the bottom focused item, if you take the focus of an item it drops just below the bottom focused item. It's a bit clunky but is manageable if the list isn't too long.

    A neat "drag to re-order" feature would be cool though provided it doesn't mess up the focus feature

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