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some sort of infrequent reminder to scan later tasks

I know (and love) the goal of this app to offload later tasks and to focus on sooner tasks! I would like some sort of simple reminder to check those later tasks and move to sooner as necessary. Perhaps something as simple as every 10 times the app is opened, it opens up in the later task screen. Just so those tasks aren't completely forgotten!

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Michael Ihnat shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
declined  ·  AdminHotChaiPro (Admin, Hot Chai Productions, LLC) responded  · 

Hi Michael!

Thanks for the suggestion!

However, for better or worse, one of the express goals of Sooner Or Later is that it always puts you in control.

That’s why it will never have reminders or pop-ups that try to take control and tell you when to do something.

However, you might like to try the new “tomorrow” button. It’s a quick way to schedule something for tomorrow.

The neat thing about scheduling something for tomorrow is that it will automatically move back to your soon list the next day (after 3am).

This way you won’t have to remember to check your Later list.



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